The emergence of hip hop

Hip hop dancing is a kind of modern street choreography. This genre arose as one of the first street dances, which already at that time included elements of locking, breaking dance, popping, etc., which later received a separate subspecies of choreography. The name hip hop appeared much earlier than dance, earlier it meant only a musical direction, it is something between rap and RnB, so you can not only dance hip hop, but also listen and sing.)

Hip hop came to the big stage from the streets, just like other styles of street dance, hip hop dance was born in a not very prosperous area of ​​​​the United States, and it happened in the 1970s, very soon this dance gained high popularity among local residents, and for in order to somehow cultivate and root it, a special organization was created which was called “Hip Hop Culture”, and which was engaged in the development of hip hop and promoted it to the general public, for this various types of battles were held, at first they were small actions among themselves, then between streets, and further between districts. It happened in the open air, right on the pavement, without any special equipment, since the Ministry of Culture did not believe that something good could develop from hip hop and somehow glorify their country.

And yet this happened and greatly influenced the world choreography, now if we say two words America and dance, then we immediately have an association with hip hop.

Hip hop dance has become very popular, probably there is no country where hip hop is not danced, grandiose shows, competitions, festivals originate from this style, dancers from all over the world come to them with huge teams.
Basic movements and variety of hip hop, clothing and music for hip hop.
For hip hop, just like for any other dance, a sense of rhythm is important, by and large hip hop is improvisation, that is, you yourself, to the music that is playing now, come up with movements and perform them at the same moment. Of course, there are certain elements without which hip hop is impossible, so for good improvisation in the future you need to study them, the base in hip hop is quite large compared to other street dances, it includes a variety of “swings” with various parts of the body, as well as a large number of steps .

Hip hop improvisation is called freestyle, just like improvisation in rap.

It is almost impossible to learn hip hop on your own, especially if you have never danced anything at all before, the whole hip hop performance system will be explained to you more easily in the studios where this style is taught.

The understanding of hip hop as a rough and hard dance has long been in the past, now there are many varieties of hip hop, thanks to which you can choose exactly the kind that suits you.

hip hop distribution:

  • Old school – the old school, that is, the hip hop that was danced from its very beginnings.
  • New school – new school, hip hop is popular today.
  • Lyrical hip hop – lyrical hip hop, gentle in performance compared to the usual, can be performed not only by girls but also by guys.
  • This is one of the main varieties of hip hop.

The musical accompaniment for this dance, as you already understood, is rap, sometimes called hip hop and RnB.

Clothing can be any, there are no special criteria here, but there are still wide T-shirts, wide jeans, sneakers, sneakers, baseball caps, references and everything that fits this style.