What is music

Music is an integral part of any person’s life. We turn it on to relax or get distracted, we hear it on the radio, in movies and on TV, in advertisements and just on the street.

But what is music?

Definition of music.

Imagine that you hit your hand on a wooden table. There was a sound. It `s music?
If you strike the bell, it will also sound. Is that also music?

Music is an art form, which consists in the ability to select sounds so that a melody is obtained.

  • A melody consists of sounds following one after another. Sometimes they sound together, harmoniously.
  • Sometimes they run into each other.
  • Two sounds next to each other are called an “interval”.
  • In melody, the combination of intervals is called “intonation”.
  • The sequence of intonations in a melody is called a “musical phrase”. The melody consists of many musical phrases.

Thus, it turns out that the melody consists of: sound, intervals, intonations and phrases. But, it’s not enough just to arrange the sounds in a certain sequence. The melody is defined by ups and downs or even movement of sound. It is also determined by the rhythm of beats, division into parts, speed of sound, tempo. The volume and softness of sounds also matter.
All sounds of the melody must be united by one rhythmic pattern. If we start reading one word of a sentence very quickly and another very slowly, then, firstly, no one will understand anything, and secondly, it will sound very ugly. Therefore, composers carefully arrange the duration of each note in order to achieve the same rhythmic pattern in each musical phrase.

The meaning of music

Music is an integral part of any person’s life. Music is able to convey the character and mood of a person, to express his feelings and thoughts, to tell about this or that event without words, to embody everything that is connected with a person. Music affects a person’s life, and life, in turn, generates music.

Under the influence of music, a person can be recharged with energy, or he can lose his last strength. Good music can share joy and sorrow with a person, make a person kinder, better, can become an adornment of life.

A variety of music sounds in our life, it is found literally at every step. Without music, it is impossible to imagine the existence of radio, television and the Internet. Concert and theater halls, sports competitions, recreation areas, parks, houses and courtyards are filled with music. Music was loved by our parents and their parents, we love it and will love the next generations, because music is an important part of our life.

The influence of music

Each of us is immersed in the world of music from childhood. Music has a huge impact on a person. Even a very small child, who has not yet learned to speak, perceives music very sensitively.
From some melody, he can cry, from some – to fall asleep, and from some of the baby’s mood can rise. At the same time, almost any mood can be expressed with the help of music.

We cannot always put into words the state that music evokes in us.
We simply feel that music evokes such feelings as joy, sadness, fun, tenderness, love, indignation – all shades of feelings that cannot always be expressed in words.